Spec me out.

After having a conversation with a colleagueabout Wealthsimple, I immersed myself in learning about them, their brand, and their products + services. I created an account to experience the customer journey firsthand, and was blown away by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail, as well as the ease of use and strength in educating their users. (I’m also motivated to begin investing, like, yesterday.)

Below, you’ll find some spec work I put together to convey my understanding of and put my own spin on the Wealthsimple voice and brand messaging.

SYSTEM EMAIL With this, I wanted to display a clear understanding of the brand message of education and simplifying an otherwise seemingly complex issue with digestable copy

LANDING PAGE My goal here was to create something that sits flush with their existing copy and design simplicity

SOCIAL I wanted to capture the consumer end benefit—who he/she is, what he/she does—while having some fun with the copy

METRO ADS With these, I wanted to explore using the brand voice to appeal to younger investors—a financial preventative, of sorts

WS_spec_system email.jpg
WS_spec_landing page.jpg
WS_spec_instagram post.jpg
WS_spec_millennial ads.jpg